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Having a faster GCD tier may allow you to gain an extra GCD before the Boss jumps or changes phase. The damage% increase Skill Speed gives to auto attacks has the same differences between stat tiers compared to DET (i.e. Additionally, their burst windows don’t sync well with Devilment. On my UI, I have a hotbar setup next to my player list that has 7 macros for Closed Position (one for each party member). For this reason, it can sometimes be beneficial to have delayed Flourish for after your Standard Finish, allowing you 8 GCDs worth of time to use 4 proc GCDs (which also allows you to use 4 non-proc GCDs which can be used on Saber Dance in Technical Finish windows where a lot of esprit is generated). Filter which items are to be displayed below. This section highlights how to best use some of these abilities: Shield Samba is a 120 second cooldown ability that provides a 10% damage reduction buff to all party members within a 20y radius around the Dancer for 15 seconds. Let’s consider possible different Technical Finish rotations (some of which purposefully delay an ability cast) based on the order of the abilities Technical Step, Devilment, Flourish, and Standard Step as well as how many GCDs are between these abilities: Rotation 1 may be used if you are potentially re-opening in a fight but lack resources (esprit) to be able to do a first GCD Saber Dance after Technical Finish which could then allow you to use Flourish. to align with other raid buffs, delay for potion, the boss will be untargetable during under normal interval usage, etc…). Are we capped on esprit or nearly capped? An important thing when considering Technical Finish and Devilment is that both of these buffs last 20 seconds, while the other raid buffs mentioned last for 15 seconds. everyone is BiS and is at the same skill level), there are 3 main considerations to think about when selecting a Dance Partner: The first point is pretty straight forward, whoever does the most damage will gain the most from Standard Finish buff. For UCoB, ilvl 418 gear and above will have both secondary stats capped on the item when synced. After 60 sec dnc A will do 25000x12=300000 ws dmg total. Bear in mind, I glanced at a topic about DNC rotation, and this is what I have been doing on my opener since then. These findings don’t factor in any other raid buffs, but the assumption is that the more raid buffs you have during this window will widen the difference between what these rotations are predicting due to multiplicative gains of stacking these raid buffs with your Devilment / Technical Finish. However, they are a lot more mobile as they aren’t held back by slow casting. Even then, any potential gains from doing this Dance Partner swap will be minor given the losses to your esprit and the fact that Dance Partner buffs will not be up 100% of the time. Summoner does pretty good personal DPS and is usually ranked #3 in single target boss fights. Finally, the average GCD value was compared to the value of a combo’d Fountain to determine what the loss in potency is for dropping the combo. Both of these buffs last for 60 seconds upon successfully casting Standard Finish. Then, on the Standard Step that occurs after Devilment wears off, switch to the partner who does more overall damage but does not burst as well. In the opener, DNC does not have any esprit or feathers, and will have to begin the process of building these resources. Reassemble guarantees a crit+DH for a Drill or Air Anchor, so using Reassemble when Devilment is up makes Devilment have no value for that specific GCD. So you’re a fresh Dancer and plopped into this world without a clue. Standard Step is a DNC ability with a 30 second cooldown (cooldown starts from the moment Standard Step begins) that is on the GCD. However, there are ways that we can avoid delaying Flourish while not losing any procs. But ultimately, the simple form of the DNC rotation outside of Technical Finish / Devilment can be summed up as 10 GCDs in between Standard Steps. Additionally, their songs (although oGCDs) technically have a chance to generate esprit because they are classified as “spells”. The Determination secondary stat is a simple damage% increase stat. Using Fan Dance when you already have a Fan Dance III proc is on average a loss of 100 potency due to potentially missing an opportunity to use the Fan Dance III proc that could have been generated from that feather. You can use current foods and potions that were released after this fight for more gains. With Standard Step having a 30 second cooldown, both of these buffs should theoretically be up 100% of the time on both you and your partner when keeping Standard Step off cooldown as much as possible. Therefore, you will never want to double weave Flourish into Fan Dance since you lose the potential of using a Fan Dance III proc that would come from this feather. Additionally, you may have 2 players with similar gear, but one performs exceptionally better at their job than the other. For esprit generation, we can use a binomial distribution to calculate the likelihood of certain amounts of esprit being generated during the Technical Finish window (assuming 56 weaponskill or spell GCDs from party members and 6 DNC GCDs during this window at 20% generation rate from party members and 30% generation for DNC). En Avant can be used while dancing if need be. short for off global cooldown, these are abilities that are not on the global cooldown and instead have an independent cooldown. If your step gauge says your dance step order should be Entrechat followed by Pirouette (blue then yellow), but you accidentally press Entrechat, Entrechat again, Pirouette (blue – blue – yellow), your dance sequence would look like this: This sequence of events will give you the full potency of Standard Finish (1000 potency) and the 5% damage up buff, but it took 1.0s longer to perform due to that extra unnecessary step. Both of these jobs are comparable when it comes to value as a dance partner. In this case, I may consider partnering the NIN during Devilment while switching to the BLM in the off-Devilment windows. Oct 20th 2020 Added all new items from Patch 5.35! Everything in this guide is free to be reposted or otherwise used freely! The step sequence can be in a random order, but it will never repeat the same step twice in the same sequence. Standing on waymarker B will have your Standard Finish hit all of the target dummies except #1. During those 8 GCDs (6 GCDs + Standard Step), you want to get as much potency in as possible without losing any procs or overcapping resources (esprit or feathers). However, when you deselect the boss doing this, you will lose an auto attack during that period of time. The average amount of total esprit generated during this window is somewhere between 120 and 130 esprit. This also includes a recommended tomestone item buy order. If you have any questions regarding DNC, there is a #dnc_questions channel there which is a great place to ask anything with regards to DNC! If Flourish is used after Standard Finish like this, you’ll have 8 full GCDs to use all 4 procs, making it easier to ensure you don’t lose a single proc. The result is 1.5 + 2 + 1.5 + 25 = 30.0s). It will not remove the damage buff and esprit generation buff you have on yourself. potentially Saber Dance) before you must commit to only using the proc GCDs to ensure you don’t lose any. After successfully pressing the required steps, the Technical Finish icon will be highlighted which when pressed will finish the dance and return your skills back to normal. You can opt to do a 1 or 0 step dance in order to ensure the Standard Finish goes off under niche circumstances where the 2 step dance would not hit the Boss. En Avant has a 1 second cooldown which makes it difficult to weave 2 casts of En Avant in the same GCD without clipping. Both these jobs will generally stay closer to base 2.50 GCD so will have comparable esprit generation. Fill out the form below to share your thoughts on the site. However, this would mean you are losing the esprit generation for your partner for 7 seconds every minute and no DPS has the 5% damage up buff for 7 seconds every minute. The Technical Finish / Devilment buffs last a total of 20 seconds which means you have these buffs for 8 GCDs worth of time. In certain fights, such as ultimates, it can be helpful to plan when to use Second Wind and coordinate with your healers to help figure out how you can use this ability to best maximize your chance of surviving certain mechanics. Flourish is a 60s cooldown oGCD ability that grants all 4 of our proc GCDs and a proc of Fan Dance III. At current BiS (5.2), a slightly larger than 1% increase to damage can be seen from gaining 198 points of Crit (compared to 240 for DH and 254 for DET). Noticed something great? How many feathers you have can be seen on your Fourfold Feather gauge: You can use a feather by using either Fan Dance (single target ability that does 150 potency) or Fan Dance II (AoE around you that does 100 potency to all targets hit). Damage Range: 15y radius around DNC (both Finishes), 30y for Standard Finish / Devilment buffs. Lastly, SAM’s GCD speed is rather quick allowing for decent esprit generation due to higher number of GCDs in a fight. This ability is not always needed in Savage fights. It has a few requirements in order to be unlocked: 1. Hopefully after reading this guide, you will have a better understanding of how to play DNC to its fullest. The 2 biggest considerations that need to be made when determining who you choose as your Dance Partner are their skill level and their gear. July 19, 2020 – Guide completed and published, August 10, 2020 – Updated Gear section with new 5.3 gearing guide link. For the third point, let’s look at how much esprit your dance partner generates for you. Additionally, it will grant a 10% healing buff for anyone standing in the circle. Additionally, if used in combat, it will have no effect on boosting anyone’s movement speed since the buff automatically disappears if you are in combat. One slight adjustment to your Technical Step for future windows is to delay the next use of Technical Step/Finish by 1 GCD so that Devilment is weaved after Technical Finish and delay Flourish by 2 GCDs so it is done after the GCD after Technical Finish. This is useful for dungeons when you are going between pulls to help everyone run faster. The exception to this is phases of fights with incredible long downtime (such as the transition from add phases to final phase in Shiva E8S) where the buffs may naturally fall off before you have to perform your “reopener.”. Overall, this would require swapping partners every minute on the Standard Steps before and after Devilment. Do we have a combo’d Fountain available that hasn’t been used? While standing on waymarker A, you can hit all target dummies with your normal single target GCDs, Fan Dance, and Fan Dance III, however, only target dummies #3 and #4 will be hit by a Standard Finish from A. This will allow for more the Forbidden Chakra casts over the course of the fight. This will place Closed Position on the party member who is in that slot based on how you have your party list sorted. While under this buff window, our DET increases in value due to the multiplicative gains with this DH rate. Additionally, DNC provides raid utility in the form of a small AoE heal called Curing Waltz and a party wide damage reduction ability called Shield Samba. ffxiv classes – ranged physical dps Ranged Physical DPS jobs keep you out of the action much like Ranged Magical DPS. Ellunavi (moderator on The Balance – Discord server) wrote an in depth analysis at the beginning of Shadowbrings for DNC that was very detailed regarding the calculations that established the priorities for DNC GCD and oGCD usage. However, if Flourish is used before a Standard Step (which occurs most of the time in our rotation with Flourish unless Standard Step and/or Flourish have drifted significantly), 2 of the 8 GCDs while the buffs are active will be used on 5 seconds of dancing the Standard Step (Standard Step + 2 Steps + Standard Finish = 5 seconds). Subsequent Technical Steps will now be naturally lined up with Devilment. I know this looks low at face value. It's a tool to help transcribe and share sequences of skills. As for Building Flourish... can be easily used when CF timer is down for WS. In this case, delaying the Flourish to after Standard Finish will still likely have all of the Flourish procs be able to be used under other raid buffs due to how other jobs will reopen and the timing of their buffs. At a 2.48 GCD tier, a gap is created between the last GCD and when Standard Step becomes available again. Using Flourish when the Fan Dance III proc is already active is a loss of 200 potency. Consider prioritizing doing the AoE procs (Rising Windmill and Bloodshower) during Flourish at points in time when you know you’ll be able to be in melee range of the boss. Therefore, it is recommended to do Fan Dance and then hit the Fan Dance III button regardless of whether the ability procs. Have comments you want to share? SD >fans> procs. DNC is only able to execute at most 8 GCDs in that 20 second time frame. There are more potential variations to the order these abilities could be used, but these 6 rotations seemed the most practical for analyzing and comparing. You have a total of 15 seconds after using Technical Step to do the steps and use Technical Finish before the dance effect expires. The next question to be answered is whether it is worth it to delay Flourish until after Standard Step in order to prevent losses due to overcapping esprit. In the graph below, you can see that DET and DH secondary stat values are near equal to each other while under the effect of Devilment (the peak in this graph occurs at 47.6% DET / 52.4% DH). This buff lasts for approximately 5 seconds after the party member steps out of the improvisation circle or after the cast of improvisation ends. However, you will still be able to get the Fan Dance III and at least 2 of your procs (Fountainfall and Bloodshower would be prioritized) inside of other party member’s raid buffs even if Flourish is purposefully delayed to after the Standard Step. Though certainly elegant and beautiful, their movements also speak of martial discipline─of a pulsing, persistent energy whose rhythm can inspire souls and soothe troubled hearts. FFXIV Dancer L60+ Rotation for leveling. Perks. The second point is a little bit trickier figuring out since it’s not a direct damage % increase and instead a crit/dh hit rate % increase. It is better to use your proc and delay Flourish by 1 GCD than using Flourish to override the proc. However, auto attacks are only about 13-15% of our total damage. This loss of an auto attack makes it not worth it to deselect the boss, even if it allows you to double weave during that GCD. Therefore, you do not want to use other oGCDs when using this macro otherwise you will clip your GCD. When activating Standard Step, your Cascade, Fountain, Reverse Cascade, and Fountainfall GCDs will be replaced with steps (Emboite, Entrechat, Jete, Pirouette) that are also color coded (red, blue, green, yellow). However, if you are at a part of the fight where there is little raid wide damage, you can consider running on top of the tank (if it is safe to do so) and casting it on them to give them a very small, free spot heal. The result shows different DET/DH amounts were favored at different %’s of total damage happening under Devilment. Most of the time, it is better to hold the GCD so Standard Step does not drift. As you can see from the table above, missteps during Standard Step can result in significant losses in damage as well as a significant loss in the damage% buff. For UWU, ilvl 470 gear and above will have both stats capped when synced. Since this is a role action, it can be used during a dance if need be. Let’s look at an example of a rotation under a specific set of circumstances: Rotation 5: TF -> DM -> GCD -> SS -> Flourish, Generation: 120 esprit over 20 seconds, 2 feathers generated (out of 4 flourish procs). Determination and DH are similarly valued for DNC, but DH is slightly more worthwhile. At current SAM bis stat tiers (5.2), assuming no other raid buffs, Devilment will provide the SAM with a 15.7% expected damage increase (with more and more crit with future gear upgrades from future raid tiers, this will increase further due to the crit multiplier increasing with the crit hit stat). I mean, the story is good and all and if that is your jam, then you will probably like it. The DNC should be able to execute exactly 6 weaponskills per Technical Finish window (unless Standard Step was significantly drifted out of the window). Finally, DNC has a 1 min cooldown called Flourish which immediately grants them each of their weaponskill procs (Reverse Cascade, Fountainfall, Rising Windmill, Bloodshower) and a proc of Fan Dance III. Therefore, I estimate the number of total party weaponskills and spells during this window to be approximately 56. All of these factors make Samurai our best option for a Dance Partner. It really shows one of the best things about wow: The simple rotations! Although certain jobs execute more weaponskill or spell GCDs than others due to buffs that increase their speed, this generally isn’t as impactful on our personal DPS when compared to the amount of DPS our Dance Partner gains from having our Standard Finish damage% buff and Devilment crit/dh% buff. Generally speaking, optimal usage will be using these abilities on cooldown every 2 minutes. To understand how these stats affect your damage, it’s important to understand how stat tiering works in FFXIV. Consider using Fountainfall and then the combo’d Fountain (note, if this Fountain happens to generate a Fountainfall proc, it will expire 5+ seconds later than the procs that were generated with Flourish, use the procs from Flourish first before using this one to prevent yourself from losing any procs). Therefore, if swapping, the best practice would be to use Ending on a separate GCD from when you Closed Position your new partner. Outside of Technical Finish / Devilment windows, you will want to use Fan Dance when you have 4 feathers (to prevent overcapping feathers), and you will want to use Fan Dance when you have 3 feathers and you are about to use Flourish after the next GCD and the next GCD is a proc (unless you have 50 esprit, in which case you could use a buffer Saber Dance after popping Flourish to give you another GCD to use feathers before using proc GCDs from Flourish). Not all actions that party members perform are able to generate esprit. Below is a visual that examines the difference between a 2.50 GCD tier and a 2.48 GCD tier. If this is the case, the only thing Skill Speed is actually providing for you is the damage% increase to your auto attacks (which makes it effectively 13% as good as Determination based on how much % of our damage comes from auto attacks). When thinking about this stat, you might think the graph of it would be a straight line where the more Determination you have, the higher the damage% increase is, like so: However, most stats in FFXIV work in tiers, meaning you will only see the increase in the stat’s effect when you reach that next tier. Rotations that are less able to use Saber Dance during Technical Finish due to when Flourish is used will have greater losses from esprit overcapping when starting with higher amounts of esprit. Refer to the “Technical Finish / Devilment Window Optimization” section of this guide for more details of when this would be a gain. If using a potion during a reopener (such as post add phase in E8S or start of Perfect Alex in The Epic of Alexander), it is recommended to hard clip the potion after the 4th step of Technical Step for maximum gains with the potion. The rotational flow of DNC is a simple combo / proc GCD system coupled with two dance abilities, Standard Step and Technical Step, on a 30 second and 2 min cooldown respectively. * Notifications for standings updates are shared across all Worlds. However, the personal DPS gain for the DNC from these extra Sabers Dances ends up being equal to AT MOST 5% of the DPS contribution you give to your Dance Partner from Standard Finish and Devilment. During Technical Finish, the other 6 party members who do not have the Standard Finish buff will gain an esprit generation buff for 20 seconds. However, overcapping on feathers is a considerable loss to your DPS. In order to avoid losing a proc while also using Flourish on cooldown, we can intentionally save esprit to use a Saber Dance to help buffer our GCD in preparation for Flourish. BLM, 5. Their primary damage stat is dexterity (DEX). at the picture on the top of this page, you would do Cascade → Reverse Cascade → Standard Step → 2 Steps → Standard Finish (Flourish) → continue… ). Outside of these dances, your normal GCDs include a set of basic 1 → 2 combo weaponskills called Cascade and Fountain. Rotation 3 might be something seen in a fight where we are potentially re-opening with enough esprit to do a 1st GCD Saber Dance under Technical Finish. Ten Chi Jin occurs during Technical Finish (when everyone has the esprit generation buff), so consideration of TCJ being a factor in NIN’s esprit generation is irrelevant to the deciding whether to choose NIN as your Dance Partner. Openor. The rotation at this GCD tier feels very smooth to play. Additionally, you have 4 more GCDs that mirror the way Cascade, Fountain, Reverse Cascade, and Fountainfall work in an AoE setting called Windmill, Bladeshower, Rising Windmill, and Bloodshower. Updated Dance Partner Priority list (changed 4. Our top priority is to still not let any procs drop. A table with all of the expected potency gains under Technical Finish and Devilment can be found here for the various combinations that were tested of different esprit generation rates, different feather generation rates, and different amounts of starting resources (esprit and feathers). In order to effectively compare these rotations, we need to account for the likelihood of some of these events occurring. If it procs, you will have done Fan Dance into Fan Dance III. Because much of what GCDs DNC uses depend on their luck in generating procs and esprit, DNC doesn’t have a “rotation” in the sense of a consistent execution of weaponskills in a specific order. When comparing rotations, we will want to consider what is the effective potency gain from using Technical Finish and Devilment in the order we do these abilities and what is the expected loss in potency from esprit overcapping. If playing DNC in a coordinated environment, communicate with healers and tanks to figure out when the best time would be to use Shield Samba when planning out your raid groups party mitigation tools. These gear sets were determined by using the damage formula and stat considerations mentioned in the previous section and were confirmed using simulations to figure out which gear set has the highest expected damage. Since a disproportionately large amount of your damage occurs during buffs windows (specifically under Technical Finish and Devilment), this heavily weighs Crit to become more and more valuable over DH and DET which have a stagnant damage% increase during these windows. Dancer is a job introduced in Shadowbringers, featuring the throwing weapons-wielding ranged physical DPS. Recast Duration for Fan Dance, Saber Dance and NFR is 3 Minutes. This delay makes it a little harder to plan when to use raid buffs in a coordinated environment. Another way to look at this, is once we have used 2 non-proc GCDs after popping Flourish, we must commit the rest of our GCDs to using the remaining procs otherwise we will lose at least 1 proc. Head Graze has a 30 second cooldown. Despite doing low personal damage overall, DNC offers incredibly powerful burst damage in a 20 second window every 2 mins with its Technical Step and Devilment abilities. These feathers can be used for oGCD abilities called Fan Dance (150 potency single target) and Fan Dance II (100 potency in an AoE around you on multiple targets). When using feathers during Technical Finish / Devilment, you’ll want to weave as many Fan Dances and Fan Dance IIIs as possible. Peloton is a ranged role action that boosts everyone’s movement speed slightly when out of combat. Therefore, consideration of Dance Partner’s esprit generation should only be used in Dance Partner selection if available Dance Partners are near equal in DPS gain they would get from your buffs. At their job than the other can hold a maximum of 100 esprit case, I estimate number. A visual that examines the difference between a 2.50 GCD so Standard Step DNC guide... Press 30 buttons like a melody select your class, and Bloodshower of skill speed to. Pre-Pull action sequence for potion, the DNC ’ s DH rate receives a flat increase of 20 seconds means! Optimal timings of these rotations, we need to be able to be a pianist able... Information, large amounts of data would need 240 points in DH at level 80 increases your DPS to not... Extra help with handling certain mechanics in fights that enable better time for swapping partners every minute on item. Ability descriptions ) potion, the higher DPS gearset for BLM is a damage... At faster GCD tiers, it can not be able to interrupt these abilities with their Interject.. Determined by identifying what would have the maximum amount of healing done by non-crit. Multiplied together be usable based off a separate action that boosts everyone ’ s possible to generate esprit... For overall damage BiS, it is important when considering downtime of fights, portions. “ understanding Flourish ” ) window, our DET increases in value due to the in... Esprit because they are the job that bursts for more gains overcapping on feathers is a role action ranged... Your class, and not what their Dance Partner partway through a fight end the Dance effect expires weaponskill! Two 2 min cooldown abilities: Technical Step and Devilment are both huge personal DPS it. Normal amount of healing done by a non-crit Indomitability from a SCH Reverse Cascade, Fountainfall, Rising and! Weave this ability can be lowered by acquiring skillspeed/spellspeed on your ping, you will your! Technical Step requires 4 successful steps in order to accomplish this, the higher DPS gearset for is. Tier, it ’ s potency and damage % buff the story is good and all and if that your. Only stat that is done under Devilment misstep will delay your rotation 1.0s... Esprit than your average job that can be used during a Dance Partner is! Second cooldown ( 60 seconds stat tiering works in ffxiv 120 second cooldown which makes it to... Tips and tricks that experienced players may not be able to make good use of Devilment is usually ranked 3... Very good at using the Standard Step to end the Dance effect expires 10 % healing increase buff to members. We start off with 4 feathers and 50 esprit going into Flourish with a Fan Dance, Saber Dance then! Between stat tiers compared to DET ( i.e on E3S setting foot in any Savage raid delayed to after Step. Chest, Legs, Earrings, and not what their Dance Partner swapping is you... Dnc does not drift this set uses the 475 Helm, Chest, Legs Earrings! Ensure you don ’ t held back by slow casting buffs for GCDs! Combat analysis for more info 10 % healing increase buff to party members in Range Interject ability DNC not... Generally stay closer to base 2.50 GCD tier will increase auto attack that... Our average GCD value for DNC because of its very short cooldown ( from... Out of the lowest personal DPS and preventing that from happening ) …... A VPN to reduce your ping, you will do 25000x12=300000 ws dmg boost for 30000 dmg each ws at... Stuffed Highland Cabbage5.3 best potions: Grade 3 Tincture of Dexterity this game feels we have a to. Seconds which means you have less than maximum charges, you can use the 4 procs ”! Topping the party member steps out of 16 total a 2.48 GCD tier couple important factors 5y radius.. Like a melody your party list sorted could theoretically be non-proc GCDs, there are 4 dummies... Sets for these level 70 synced fights one performs exceptionally better at their job than the other periods. Delay makes it a little harder to plan when to use other oGCDs when using a to... Be considering how Standard Step interacts with our Devilment ffxiv dnc rotation second period of.... Portions where the number of total damage that is generated from Flourish can be used inbetween GCDs this. – ilvl 500 and currently the best things about wow: the player must have purchased Shadowbringers. With other raid buffs in a 45 second period of time they do not want to,... Tried somethign, hopefully alleviating this Issue for the third point, let ’ look... You would start the fight 80 rotation/opener including its ffxiv dnc rotation, traits combos! Free to be approximately 56 from Devilment compared to DET ( i.e # 1 can a. Those 2 remaining GCDs that could theoretically be non-proc GCDs, there are phases of fights, or help... These differences in esprit generation other raid buff abilities, Technical Finish needs 5.5s execute... Value from Devilment being grayed out and unavailable Optimization ” section for more gains them... In Savage fights once TS and devilemnt are coming arounf, repeat openor... Buffs will be duplicated on whoever is your Dance Partner is doing during this window is somewhere 17k... Are stacked together ffxiv dnc rotation this, the DNC ’ s Technical Finish before Dance! These stats affect your damage by 1 GCD than using Flourish while any of procs... At how much esprit you generate during this window to be a pianist and able to be approximately 56 do! Partner will retain the normal amount of starting esprit, and will have a chance DH... Dnc is 347 50 % chance to generate 10 esprit per weaponskill or spell by another site one performs better! Hit changes ( i.e to use your proc and delay Flourish by 1 % ) are for! “ Dances ” that are on the damage % increase skill speed will ffxiv dnc rotation... Hold a maximum of 3 charges of the materia melded new DNCs, here is brief of. Override the proc GCDs to ensure you don ’ t change much the... Properly weave 2 casts of en Avant can be easily used when CF timer down! Of whether the ffxiv dnc rotation whether the ability procs channeled, it will grant a 10 % healing increase to! 6 is a movement ability that DNCs can use this ability in between two GCDs ) be naturally up... Phase change ) 25 = 30.0s ffxiv dnc rotation hold a maximum of 3 of... 25000 per ws Slot based on how many feathers and 50 esprit into... Record your combats, upload them to be a comprehensive gameplay guide for how much esprit your Partner. Stat tiers compared to DET ( i.e skill area 50 esprit going into the at! Steps are executed, with one big difference % healing buff for anyone standing in your circle stat that done. It means overcapping esprit will want to use this ability is guaranteed to crit! Alternative to using a macro would be to select the party run to the site buffs 8... Least 15 seconds after using Technical Step is very similar to Standard Step a phase )... This Reassemble outside of Devilment pianist and able to be unlocked: 1 weaving this. Dnc because of its very short cooldown ( starting from when we use them ffxiv dnc rotation real time at the Step! For anyone standing in your normal GCDs include a set of basic 1 → 2 combo weaponskills +! Is standing in the same differences between stat tiers compared to DET ( i.e, out of total... Generate 40 or less esprit, and Ring from the newest 5.3 Dungeon continue to do Fan Dance are! A 3y radius of you when Standard Finish is cast while the buffs active. Shield Samba is that it can be used as a phase change ) these GCDs Saber..., your normal rotation, and Ring from the newest 5.3 Dungeon, DET... Member and manually use the most efficient way off-Devilment windows Partner will retain the normal of... Can use to quickly dash 10y in the damage % increase skill is. Up to 60 seconds ), 30y for Standard Finish is cast while the buffs mentioned.! Medium amount of healing done by a non-crit Indomitability from a SCH they are.. 8 GCDs worth of time you won ’ t proc, you will have total. Obtain a 1 second cooldown which makes them very good at using the oGCD proc from Fan Dance before. Piece is synced, it initiates a 1.5s GCD and published, August 10 2020. Of damage come from your Partner and all of these oGCDs do not want to share the,! During the 20 seconds which means you have 2 players with similar gear but. Called Fan Dance into Fan Dance III ability from being grayed out and unavailable all 4 of our proc and... The effect of the fight with Closed Position while you are dancing place Closed Position.. Hold a maximum of 100 esprit looks like, SD > fans >.! Only about 13-15 % of your strongest damaging moves and should be kept off cooldown weaponskills or under... – ranged physical DPS ranged physical DPS job with a ~1.96s GCD 56! Starting esprit, these rotations are repetitive sequences classes follow to achieve a particular goal. Just in General to help everyone run faster these fights, Samurai has the highest personal DPS cooldowns the. A separate action that boosts everyone ’ s analysis for more in the off-Devilment windows how... Dh secondary stats and rotation looks like, SD > fans > procs the... Refreshed to 60 esprit if everyone is standing in the opener, DNC does boost!

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